Would you have picked up on these defects?

Today I finished a home inspection for an engineer who was looking to buy a house. I didn’t know he was an engineer until the estate agent who got me the job told me. When I had asked my client, the engineer, if there was anything he was concerned about…

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Three good reasons to get a home inspection

Here are three good reasons for home buyers to insist on a professional home inspection before finalizing the deal:  First, a house inspection is the smartest way to ensure that the house doesn’t have any major flaws that may cost the buyer in the future.  A home inspection report should…

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Net-savvy buyers dominate house market

The internet is increasingly dominating the South African real estate marketplace, says John Graham chief executive of HouseCheck.   A new generation of internet-enabled buyers are searching the web for suitable properties and they are also using the internet as a tool to do due diligence on the houses they are…

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Journalist warns buyers to get home inspection done first

South Africa’s top consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler of Independent Newpapers said in her Consumer Watch column this week: “Do not even consider buying a property without first having it professionally inspected. “The service is relatively inexpensive – about R3 000 for the average home – but could spare you financial…

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Dream timber house turns into a nightmare

Timber housing can be a nightmare if the timber framed house has not been properly built by a competent builder registered with the National Home Building Registration Council (NHBRC) and built in accordance with the National Building Regulations for timber housing (SABS 082/88), now known as SANS 10082.  On the…

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