Month: January 2013

Roof cavity wiring

Faulty wiring in the roof cavity

A HouseCheck inspection (normally paid for by the buyer) does not substitute for the compulsory electrical compliance certification (normally paid for by the seller).  However, HouseCheck inspectors are trained to spot and document problems with the electrical installation – such as this illegal cable joint in a roof cavity.  Lack of junction boxes, open junction …

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Electric fence dangers

Electrical fencing can be extremely dangerous if not properly installed by a qualified expert. John Graham CEO of HouseCheck says non-compliant electric fencing is now also illegal in South Africa and property owners – including home owners, body corporates and businesses – are at risk if someone gets hurt because their electric fence installation is …

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Geysers inside cupboards

HouseCheck inspectors sometimes find hot water geysers located in cupboards.  This is especially prevalent in sectional title units and multi-level developments where there is inadequate roof cavity space to accommodate the geyser, says John Graham, CEO of HouseCheck. Buyers and property owners should be aware that geysers located inside a cupboard can potentially cause serious …

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