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A snag list is a vital tool of any buyer taking delivery of a newly-built property.

Generally the developer/builder will give the new owner an opportunity to  list all defects and to bring this snag list to the developer’s attention so that the defects can be fixed.  Often a fixed time limit is prescribed during which the snag list must be compiled and submitted.   Sometimes the developer will require that snag lists should be completed prior to furniture being moved into the property.   This is to protect the developer from having to repair snags when these issues have actually been caused by the movers bumping furniture against the walls or staining the carpets.

Snag lists are more than just a check list

However, there should be much more to snag lists than just a check list of easily observable snags.

HouseCheck, which is a full service property inspection company, is able to provide a snag report for its clients which often goes far beyond the type of snag list that a layman would typically compile.

The HouseCheck snag report will also document any structural or installation defects observed which may well only cause problems at a later date – long after the developer has moved on.   The HouseCheck snag report will list all observable problems, for instance, with the geyser installation, the roof structure, plastering and tiling finishes, outside drainage and so on.

Given the often more standards of building and supervision in South Africa should resist being pressured by a developer to “sign off” on a new property before having the property thoroughly snagged by an outside expert such as HouseCheck.   A professional snag report is worth far more than the generally modest fee charged for the preparation of such a snag list.


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"I recommend all buyers get a HouseCheck"
Yolanda Mbola
"It gave me comfort that I wasn't getting into a bad purchase and also increased my bargaining power over the purchase price"
Wilson  Baloyi
"It helped me make an informed decision in regard to the defects and the way forward as well as re-negotiating the offer to purchase based on the report observations."
Faith  Kolala

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Frequently Asked questions

We recommend that buyers make their offer to purchase (OTP) subject to a satisfactory HouseCheck.  

No house is perfect and your HouseCheck report will separate Vital defects which need immediate attention and maintenance issues which you can handle over time.  We include cost estimates for both. This is your negotiating tool.

HouseCheck finds a variety of situations. Whilst most of our clients are buyers, we also have sellers paying for inspections and occasionally estate agents as well.  Until 2020 buyers were prejudiced by the voetstoots clause and therefore it was and is still in their interests to get a HouseCheck.

Sellers and Agents are at risk under the Property Practitioners Act of 2019  and the associated regulations. Therefore more and more agents and sellers are initiating inspections.

No, but now that you know what the defects will cost to repair, you can check if the property is priced at a reasonable level.

A seller may also offer to correct the defects prior to the sale. Your agent may advise that despite the defects you still have a good buy given that the comparative market analysis indicates that the property could sell for more. Some sellers price for a quick sale.

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