Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

If you’re in the process of buying a home, then like most other cautious homebuyers, you will probably agree that it is wise to get an independent home inspection report on the condition of the property before you commit yourself.

Unless the seller or estate agent has already obtained a home inspection report from an independent, trained and reputable home inspector, it is very important that prospective buyers of homes and other properties should satisfy themselves regarding the condition of the property before the sale is confirmed.

HouseCheck recommends that prospective purchasers should make any offer to purchase (OTP) conditional on the purchaser being allowed to:

Commission an independent inspection of the property. This inspection would usually be paid for by the purchaser but there is nothing to prevent the buyer asking the seller to pay part or all of the inspection fees.

The offer should state that the prospective purchaser will be the sole judge on whether the condition of the property, as detailed in the inspection report, is acceptable, is the prospective purchaser. If the condition of the property is unacceptable, then the prospective purchaser should have the option to either renegotiate the terms of purchase (and price) of the property, or to “walk away” from the deal.

Here is the wording of a clause which HouseCheck recommends prospective purchasers should include in their Offer to Purchase (OTP).

“This offer is subject to the purchaser obtaining a report on the property from HouseCheck within _ days of the final signature on this offer and is also subject to the purchaser being satisfied with the condition of the property as detailed in the HouseCheck report specifically with regard to patent or latent defects documented in the HouseCheck report.”

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