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What is a home inspection ?
A home inspection is an assessment of an existing building or property, by an independent and suitably qualified home inspector, in order to produce a report on the condition of the building or property for a property-decision maker.

Who should be requesting a home inspection?
– Potential buyers of homes or other property
– Potential sellers of homes or other property
– Estate agents involved in the sale of a property
– Owners or managers of a property
– Body corporate trustees of sectional title property

How long does a home inspection take?
The duration of a site inspection by a home inspector depends on the size and condition of the property and on the requirements of the client (the client may only require an inspection of a section of the property (for instance, the roof).
The duration of a site inspection of an average South African home is 2-3 hours.
HouseCheck promises to deliver the completed inspection report to the client within one working day of the inspection – provided that the client has paid.

How do you request a home inspection?
HouseCheck provides detailed emailed quotations to clients within 30 minutes of receiving an online request for a quote. A HouseCheck Customer Care specialist is available during working hours (Monday to Friday 07h00 to 18h00 and Saturday 08h00 to 13h00) to discuss quotations with clients.

What types of home inspections does HouseCheck offer?
– Comprehensive inspection
– Vital Inspection
– Property Risk Assessment inspection
– Snag inspection
– New building progress inspection
– MAP inspection (maintenance action plan)

Is it Safe to request a home inspection?
Yes – it is safe to use HouseCheck inspectors for the following reasons:
– HouseCheck inspectors observe all Covid-19 safety protocols.
– HouseCheck are trained and certified by www.sahita.co.za and are members of the National Association of Building Inspectors of SA (www.nabisa.org.za) and subscribe to the NABISA code of conduct.
– HouseCheck inspectors are subject to background checks by HouseCheck.
– HouseCheck carries adequate public liability and errors and omissions insurance cover to ensure that the client is never at risk should the inspection result in damage to the property, or should the inspector miss something during the inspection.

How much does a home inspection cost?
The cost of a HouseCheck inspection is quoted according to the number of rooms on the property and the type of inspection requested. HouseCheck inspection fees start at R1,800 and the average HouseCheck inspection fee is currently R5,000 – this high average fee is because most buyers of large, expensive homes use HouseCheck.
HouseCheck quotations for a particular property are based on the room count of the structures on the property and the type of inspection requested.
Requesting a quotation from HouseCheck does not place the client under any obligation – the quotation is for informational purposes only.

What gets inspected in a home inspection?
Comprehensive inspection: All accessible areas of the property and structures are inspected and the condition of all components is documented, Defects (big or small) are noted together with an evaluation of the nature of the defect; photographs (where this will be useful); and cost estimates for repairs.
Vital inspection: Same as for Comprehensive, but only “Vital” defects are reported on. Vital defects are significant defects relating to the structure; to the functionality of critical components on the property and to health and safety issues.
Property Risk Assessment inspection: This lower-cost inspection was developed by HouseCheck for the insurance industry, but if offered direct to HouseCheck clients who want to be sure that as partos of the property are legally compliant and safe that that they will be covered in the event of a homeowner’s insurance claim.
Snag inspection: This report is used by clients when a newly-built home is handed over to them by the developer or builder. The HouseCheck snag inspection documents all “snags” (defects) – both big and small and provides a checklist so that the builder can fix all snags as part of the handover process.
Building progress inspection: This is a series of quality control inspections at different stages of the building work.
MAP inspection: This is a “Maintenance Action Plan” inspection designed to enable body corporate trustees to meet their legal obligations to have a fully-funded 10 year plan for the maintenance of Sectional Title common property.

What is the value for home buyers in getting a home inspection
The value of an inspection is that the prospective buyer is able to make an informed decision regarding the condition of the property and knows how much it will cost to fix.

What is the value for home sellers in getting a home inspection
The value of an inspection is that the seller is the peace of mind of a transparent deal knowing that the prospective buyer has been fully informed regarding the condition of the property. This eliminates the possibility of ugly and expensive litigation after the sale has gone through.

What is the value for estate agents in getting a home inspection
The value of an inspection is that the estate agent will be shown to be impartial and professional and to comply with the consumer protection requirements of the Property Practitioners Act. Home inspections are good for the agent’s business reputation.

Can you get a home inspection before completing a Offer To Purchase?
Most prospective buyers opt to make their offer to purchase “subject to a satisfactory home inspection report.” This means that the seller accepts these terms in the OTP and the home cannot be sold to someone else before the buyer receives the home inspection report and confirms or cancels the offer. Some buyers, however, prefer to commission an inspection report prior to making their offer.

What’s included in a home inspection ?
The HouseCheck comprehensive report includes an evaluation and images of defects observed; cost estimates for repairs of these defects; and a summary of the main issues and of the cost estimates.

What areas are covered for home inspections?
– Roof covering and waterproofing
– Roof structures
– Condition of walls, doors, windows, cupboards, sanitaryware and other interior installations.
– Observed defects in the electrical, plumbing and drainage systems.
– Observed defects in the fire, safety and intruder control systems installed.
– Stormwater management issues
– Condition of boundary and retaining walls and garden structures
– Swimming pools and paving
– Compliance: Building regulations and standards

List of Inspections:

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Mould Inspections
New Building Inspections
Maintenance Inspections
Commercial Property Inspections
Pre-Sale Inspections
Renovation/snag Inspections
Asbestos Inspections
Swimming Pool Inspections
Drywall Inspections
Log Home Inspections
Newtec Home inspections
Chimney Inspections
Garage Inspections
Deck Inspections
Plumbing Inspections
Rental Property Inspections
Apartment Inspections
Window Inspections
General home inspections
Wall Inspections

Area’s Covered

Cape Town

You will love the security your Home Inspection gives you

Comprehensive Home Inspection Report

Make the right decisions armed with the facts about the true condition of the property. HouseCheck’s empower buyers, sellers and agents to get the right deal for all parties

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The Comprehensive Home Inspection Report is aimed at home buyers

Buying a home is a huge financial investment and can be very risky – without an independant comprehensive home inspection, especially if you are being asked to sign a voetstoots clause.

Don’t be fooled by the mandatory selllers declaration form. It may not be worth the paper it is written on. Sellers are just not qualified to identify defects so it is unlikely they will make a worthwhile declaration.

Agents often have some experience, but they haven’t climbed in your roof cavity or been up on the roof. These are essential tasks for a home inspector.

A HouseCheck inspection report not only identifies vital defects but also identifies areas that need attention to prevent further decline in the property with time.

“A stitch in time saves nine” is how the saying goes and often a small bit of maintenance now can save tens of thousands of Rands down the line.

You should always make your Offer to Purchase conditional on a satisfactory home inspection report.

Our Happy Clients!

I recommend a HouseCheck for anyone wanting to buy.
Yolanda Mbola
“It gave me comfort that I wasn’t getting into a bad purchase and also increased my bargaining power over the purchase price”
Wilson  Baloyi
“It helped me make an informed decision in regard to the defects and the way forward as well as re-negotiating the offer to purchase based on the report observations.”
Faith  Kolala

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Here’s some issues you may not have know about that could cost you a lot of money down the line.

Frequently Asked questions

We recommend that buyers make their offer to purchase (OTP) subject to a satisfactory HouseCheck.  

No house is perfect and your HouseCheck report will separate Vital defects which need immediate attention and maintenance issues which you can handle over time.  We include cost estimates for both. This is your negotiating tool.

HouseCheck finds a variety of situations. Whilst most of our clients are buyers, we also have sellers paying for inspections and occasionally estate agents as well.  Until 2020 buyers were prejudiced by the voetstoots clause and therefore it was and is still in their interests to get a HouseCheck.

Sellers and Agents are at risk under the Property Practitioners Act of 2019  and the associated regulations. Therefore more and more agents and sellers are initiating inspections.

No, but now that you know what the defects will cost to repair, you can check if the property is priced at a reasonable level.

A seller may also offer to correct the defects prior to the sale. Your agent may advise that despite the defects you still have a good buy given that the comparative market analysis indicates that the property could sell for more. Some sellers price for a quick sale.

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