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"I found the report received to be thorough, complete with photos of issues big and small. The advice was great as was the estimate to gauge expected cost. Turn around was quick and you guys were accommodating in terms of payment (being done after). Even the estate agent asked about you guys"
"The HouseCheck report gave me comfort that I wasn't getting into a bad purchase and also increased my bargaining power over the purchase price."
PRECIOUS SIBANYONI, WITBANK "Thank you for inspecting my house. It had lots of faults and I would have not noticed them. I was given a clear detailed report from Housecheck which included photos and descriptions of all faults. The contractor came to fix all that before I moved in. Your company was efficient and effective, there were no run arounds. The Inspector came on the day as promised, I received the report in less than 2 days. You were just professional and you were in contact with me as a client and never neglected my queries. I felt comfortable to ask any questions. I was given different options to choose from at a reasonable price. Thank you once again Housecheck... continue doing the great work you do. I'll spread the word to people to get their houses checked because looks can be deceiving..."
"My clients have used House check inspections on numerous occasions. They are a great service to use for peace of mind when purchasing a property. Thorough inspection and excellent feedback and photos supplied. I would recommend their service to my clients"
"HouseCheck helped me make an informed decision in regard to the defects and the way forward as well as re-negotiating the offer to purchase based on the report observations."
"Just Want to express my gratitude. Thank you very much, the report was very comprehensive, you had quick response times and continued follow ups from Isak made this a very pleasant and painless exercise. Isak picked up a lot of things we didn’t see and didn’t think we should check. Once again thank you, I will most definitely promote your services."
"Thanks for the report. I also want to thank HouseCheck for its extremely professional and efficient service. It is truly great to see that there are still service providers around that can surprise with excellent service. From requesting a quote to having the detailed report in hand took less than 25 hours – amazing!"
"Going through a divorce and buying a house at the same time is not easy! Especially if you’re a woman and your husband used to take care of all the “in- and outside handyman duties of your house”. Being absolutely clueless and scared of buying a house that could possibly have serious defects, I approached HouseCheck for a house inspection, prior to buying my house (remember to include this as a condition in your Offer to Purchase!). An agent, Annelize McCarthy, contacted me and wow, what an absolute delight it was to work with her. She personally attended my house inspection and presented me with an extensive report of 41 pages (including photos) within 24 hours of the inspection. Of course, the owner of the property was not too impressed, because the report highlighted ALL defects from A to Z, from in- to outside, top to bottom. The report included the minor defects, but more importantly, the critical/serious ones, such as a crack in the pool that I was unaware of. This report not only gave me the peace of mind that I was looking for, but also put me in a position to negotiate the price of the house. Another advantage to doing the house inspection, is that I now have a complete A to Z snag list and know exactly what must be fixed and/or attended to, which I can now prioritise and phase-out according to my budget. I would strongly recommend HouseCheck to anyone buying a property, and especially Annelize, who was professional and efficient at all times."
"When viewing the property we intended to buy, there were visible signs of dampness in both the bedrooms and the bathroom. One of the conditions in the sales agreement was that the damp should be fixed. I was concerned that the marks would only be painted over. We decided to get HouseCheck to do a proper check for us. HouseCheck gave a comprehensive report on everything that needed attention. What I liked was that there was a report on what needed urgent correction and a report on routine maintenance issues. There was also a brief cost estimation of the issues on the report given. I received feedback very quickly. The HouseCheck took place on a Friday afternoon at 14h00 and I received a report early Monday morning at 06h00. We appreciated the communication between HouseCheck and ourselves. We were contacted and kept in the loop throughout the HouseCheck and afterwards were asked if we were satisfied. I will recommend HouseCheck to everyone who intends to buy property, especially the young people who might not have the support of someone that they could trust. Thank you once again for HouseCheck’s assistance giving me peace of mind. Buying property is a big step and this report helps to give an objective view whether buying this property is the right thing to do or not. As a house viewer one does not always see the little maintenance issues."
"Thank you for giving me the peace of mind and the confidence to go ahead with my decision to purchase. Certain concerns I had were alleviated and items that I hadn’t even considered were highlighted to me. I definitely recommend having a house check done !"
"Hi, I just want to say thank you for the very well written and comprehensive report. I am more than impressed with the quality of service you delivered."
"I know this is a bit late, but I just wanted to say thank you for the inspection done on the property. Thank you for accommodating me on such short notice. The report is very easy to understand. Our bond has just been approved so now we can start thinking of the repairs and improvements to be done."
"Hi Gerrie and John, What a great job and invaluable service. I would happily recommend you to anyone embarking on the process."
"Your services are 100% worth every cent – saved us from a potential financial disaster not to mention a whole lot of hassle in this house. Lordy your pictures are very revealing – I definitely didn’t notice that level of detail when glancing at it. The condition of the house is better than I thought it would be but still a good wake up call as to the level of work required. So debating our next move but think the sensible thing to do is to go back to the negotiating table."
"Thank you for this sample. The extent of the detail which is covered is excellent. Thinking along the lines of the seller, it will:
  • Provide the seller with the information to attend to the maintenance issues before going to market (if they can afford it)
  • Market their property accordingly and include the report as motivation for offer negotiations Enable the seller to achieve a higher selling price.
  • For the buyer, as we said in the meeting, it will get second hand properties up to standard , and ultimately give the market a better quality property.
  • So all in all, it is a great opportunity for buyers and sellers and I certainly will be suggesting your services to sellers and buyers alike."
"Thank you so much for your outstanding service. From the initial contact to the delivery of the inspection report, your staff has delivered exceptional service. Your inspector has delivered a very professional report, yet it is easy to understand. I feel assured that I am making a good investment. I will certainly recommend your services to others. It was a pleasure doing business with you."
"Thank you so much for the work you have done for us. It’s a very detailed report and covers everything in detail. It gives us a good idea as to what it will take to finish the place up. We’ll have to negotiate with the Seller now and hopefully he takes these costs into consideration. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks once again for everything. I hope you managed to find somewhere nice for lunch on your way back from Hermanus."
"I would like to thank you very much for reacting to the urgency of the situation like you did. The details of your first and second report have given the bond attorneys all the information that they require. Once again I must thank you for meeting me late in the evening yesterday at such short notice and for getting such a detailed report back to me in under 24hrs. We hope to use your services again when the house needs to be signed off for transfer."
"Thanks once again for a thorough and concise report. Your quick turnaround time is much appreciated, as is your expertise and knowledge of compliance standards and regulations. We will certainly recommend your services."
"Thanks for the report. It is really reassuring to have this information. I’d also just like to say thank you for your fast and professional service. I will definitely recommend your services to others."

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