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Our Tableview franchisee Annelize McCarthy is a person who truly represents the HouseCheck spirit of customer service and attention to detail.  Here are some recent accolades sent to Annelize by satisfied HouseCheck clients.  I am including these as a blog because I think that the views of these clients really show why a home inspection is so important for house buyers.  John Graham CEO of HouseCheck

Going through a divorce and buying a house at the same time, is not easy! Especially if you’re a woman and your husband used to take care of all the handyman duties of your house.  Being absolutely clueless and scared of buying a house that could possibly have serious defects, I approached HouseCheck for a house inspection, prior to buying my house (remember to include this as a condition in your Offer to Purchase!). 

Annelize McCarthy of HouseCheck contacted me and wow, what an absolute delight it was to work with her.  She personally attended my house inspection and presented me with an extensive report of 41 pages (including photos) within 24 hours of the inspection. 

Of course, the owner of the property was not too impressed, because the report highlighted ALL defects from A to Z, from in- to outside, top to bottom.  The report included the minor defects, but more importantly, the critical/serious ones, such as a crack in the pool that I was unaware of. 

This report not only gave me the peace of mind that I was looking for, but also put me in a position to negotiate the price of the house.  Another advantage to doing the house inspection, is that I now have a complete A to Z snag list and know exactly what must be fixed and/or attended to, which I can now prioritise and phase-out according to my budget. I would strongly recommend HouseCheck to anyone buying a property, and especially Annelize, who was professional and efficient at all times.  Marika


Thank you for giving me the peace of mind and the confidence to go ahead with my decision to purchase. Certain concerns I had were alleviated and items that I hadn’t even considered were highlighted to me. I definitely recommend having a HouseCheck done!  Raffael


When viewing the property we intended to buy, there were visible signs of damp in both the bedrooms and the bathroom.  One of the conditions in the sales agreement was that the damp should be fixed.  I was concerned that the marks would only be painted over.  

We decided to get HouseCheck to do a proper check for us.  HouseCheck gave a comprehensive report on everything that needed attention. What I liked was that there was a red report (needs urgent correction) and a blue report (routine maintenance issues) and a brief cost estimation of the issues on the report given.  I received feedback very quickly.  The HouseCheck took place on a Friday afternoon at 14h00 and I received a report early Monday morning at 06h00.  We appreciated the communication between HouseCheck and ourselves.  We were contacted and kept in the loop throughout the HouseCheck and afterwards were asked if we were satisfied.  I will recommend HouseCheck to everyone who intends buying property, especially the young people who might not have the support of someone that they could trust.

Thank you once again for HouseCheck’s assistance giving me peace of mind.  Buying property is a big step and this report helps to give an objective view whether buying this property is the right thing to do or not.  As a house viewer one does not always see the little maintenance issues.  Terina

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