Conflict of interest

Below is email correspondence this week between HouseCheck inspector, Gerrie van Niekerk, and a satisfied client from Cape Town:

Good morning Gerrie. Thank you for the detailed report, it is extremely professional and helpful. Is there a company you can refer us to for the waterproofing problem?  Regards Janette.

Gerrie replied:  Hi Janette, Thanks for the email.   We at HouseCheck do not recommend contractors as this might be seen as a conflict of interest. I’ve attached a link to the Master Builders Association – Western Cape website. These are the waterproofing contractors who are MBA members.

A feature of HouseCheck reports is that clients are provided with an informed estimate of the cost of repairs documented in the report.  HouseCheck is then often asked by clients to recommend the services of builders and other contractors. But generally we prefer not to get involved in recommending specific contractors.  This is because of the possible perception of a conflict of interest and also because HouseCheck cannot guarantee the work of any specific contractor.

Generally we suggest that our clients obtain quotes from contractors who are members of accredited organisations such as the Master Builders Association, or other relevant trade associations such as the Institute of Plumbing ( ) and the Electrical Contractors Association (

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