Faulty geysers can be very dangerous

Geyser TP valve

The most common problem HouseCheck inspectors find in South African homes is improperly installed hot water geysers. Our inspectors reckon that 70 per cent of  geyser installations are defective in some way.

One of the most dangerous faults is the lack of a 20mm metal overflow pipe fitted to the T&P (temperature and pressure) valve .  The T&P valve is designed to release pressure if the temperature of the water in the geyser  becomes too high.  The idea is that the boiling water “blows” through the T&P valve thereby releasing pressure and preventing the geyser from exploding.   The T&P valve should be connected by a 20mm metal overflow pipe safely to the outside to prevent boiling water flooding through the ceiling.  The picture shows the T&P valve on an old semi-pressure geyser with no overflow pipe fitted.

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