COVID-19 HouseCheck’s Response to this Disease

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South Africa declared state of disaster to deal with viral threat

President Ramapohosa on Sunday 16 March 2020 declared South Africa in a national state of disaster. He called on all citizens to unite to fight the threat of this virus which could have a devastating affect on our economy and our nations health.

HouseCheck wishes to inform all stakeholders of our response to this human tragedy.

HouseCheck cares

  1. HouseCheck operates on a decentralised basis with franchisees, territory managers and inspectors based at various locations around the country. As a result we do not have centralised offices and rarely have face to face meetings unless it is critical. Our internal communication is via electronic means such as email, telephone and  internet based systems such as SKYPE and
  2. All our operational systems are IT/server based and there is no need for physical human contact when integrating with them.
  3. When inspectors do inspections of houses/sites, they will no longer shake hands with clients, buyers, sellers or property practitioners as part of our efforts to mitigate against the spreading of COVID-19.
  4. Inspectors have also been made aware that where they come face to face with clients, buyers, sellers or estate agents at inspection sites, that they attempt to keep a distance of at least 2m at all times between themselves and other humans to prevent contracting or spreading COVID-19.
  5. Inspectors have also been requested to keep hand sanitisers as part of their tool kits when inspecting sites. They sanitise their hands before commencing with an inspection and immediately afterwards.
  6. Inspectors have been instructed to treat all home surfaces as potential COVID-19 infected areas and will wear disposable gloves on site as inspections do require the touching of surfaces. This is inline with the WHO standard practice.

These measures have bene put in place to protect your and our inspectors health. We need to make a concerted effort to minimise the spread of this disease.

Let’s build Bridges of Trust together


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