The consumer is king

The South Gauteng High Court has dismissed an urgent application with costs by Cell C against a banner critical of service at one of its retail outlets. This judgement followed the putting up of a huge banner on a busy road by an irate customer criticizing Cell C after attempting…

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What makes HouseCheck different?

At HouseCheck, we believe home inspections should provide home buyers and sellers and their estate agents with clarity and confidence, not anxiety. We believe a strong brand and consistent inspection and reporting standards inspires confidence from real estate agents and gives clarity to home buyers and sellers. The HouseCheck professional…

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Home buyers need protection

Did you know that buyers of secondhand homes in South Africa effectively lose their consumer rights when signing an offer containing a voetstoots clause? Voetstoots says you accept the property “as is”. Without a home inspection to properly inform the buyer – voetstoots is dangerous!  Both the buyer and seller…

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