Home buyers need protection

Home buyers need protection

Did you know that buyers of secondhand homes in South Africa effectively lose their consumer rights when signing an offer containing a voetstoots clause? Voetstoots says you accept the property “as is”. Without a home inspection to properly inform the buyer – voetstoots is dangerous!  Both the buyer and seller need protection in a property sale.  Buyers need to know the true condition of the property they want to buy. All properties have defects – mostly minor issues, but others more serious.  HouseCheck will give you the facts!

A HouseCheck inspection will reveal defects including:

  • Things that need fixing or replacement – areas of the house we check include: The roof, waterproofing, roof cavity, walls, visible foundations and slabs, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, plumbing and drains, electrical & gas installations, grounds & storm water drainage and finishes.
  • Safety issues: We check for faulty geyser installations; mould and damp; illegal electrical or gas installations; automatic gates and doors which have no safety device to prevent children from being crushed; illegal non-safety glass; swimming pools which don’t comply with regulations so that you and your family can be safe; lack of firewalls between the house and the garage.

 Who benefits from a HouseCheck inspection?

  1. Firstly the buyer who gets an independent evaluation of the true condition of the property. The buyer will know what items need attention and what it will cost to repair. A HouseCheck report also tells which defects are “structural, safety or functional” and which are “maintenance” items.
  2. Secondly the seller benefits – because there should be no after-sale comebacks.
  3. Lastly there is a huge benefit for the estate agent who doesn’t have to deal with animosity between buyer and seller if defects only become known to the buyer after the sale.
  4. Because the buyer has most to lose, usually the buyer pays for the inspection.  But in some cases the seller pays – and sometimes the estate agent even contributes.

At what stage of the deal should I get an inspection done?

Ask your agent to insert a home inspection contingency clause into your offer.  If your offer is accepted then we will arrange the inspection and deliver your report within one working day.

What does a HouseCheck cost?

The average cost of a HouseCheck is about R3 600. Our fee depends on the size of the property and is payable before you get your report.  Pay by EFT or credit card – you can use your budget facility.

How do I get a quote?

Visit  https://www.housecheck.co.za/book-now/   Fill in your details and the number of rooms in the house. HouseCheck will email you a quote 7 days a week. You can accept online or discuss your needs with the inspector whose contact details will be on the quote.

How do I get more information?

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