Voetstoots se Gat

Voetstoots se Gat

Buying a house? Don’t make an expensive mistake

Okay, I know our ad is probably in poor taste and not in line with our brand, But it just may take some shock tactics to get South Africans to realise that buying a home without a proper home inspection may just leave them vulnerable and exposed. The voetstoots is there to protect the seller and that’s not a bad thing because sellers also need protection.

However buying a house is a huge financial investment and can be very risky – especially if you are being asked to sign a voetstoots clause. The reality is that the protection offered to buyers by the law is very expensive to enforce and is beyond the means of most South Africans.

Knowledge is almost always better than ignorance — and usually less frightening.- Jamie Bartlett

You should always make your Offer to Purchase conditional on a satisfactory home inspection report.

Just complete the  form below and we will email you a “no-obligations” quote for a house inspection report within the hour. For quoting purposes please count and indicate on the form the number of rooms (this includes bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage and outbuildings. Exclude very small rooms like a guest toilet, passage or a scullery).


View a sample report. In terms of quality and detail, HouseCheck reports are without equal in South Africa.

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