Thank you for your quote request for a Buyers Risk Report

You have made a sensible move. Getting assurance that you have made the right choice is a good thing.

Our team will receive your quote request within minutes and they will respond to your quote request within the hour – maybe even a little less.

So be aware to watch your email inbox.

If you are using Gmail then you may find our quote in your newsletter tab.

If you don’t get your quote anytime between 07:00 and 20:00 then feel free to give us a call on our national telephone number where a friendly HouseCheck operator can check on the status of your quote.

Remember that the `buyers risk Assessment covers three areas;
  1. The comparative market analysis so you know the house has been priced correctly.
  2. The area risk report where you can asses risks such as declining property values, crime statistics and the likelihood of natural disasters.
  3. The major structural components of the home.

What this report does not cover is a comprehensive condition report on all the components of your home. That report costs a bit more and we will also give an estimate of the repairs and maintenance to fix the components.

If our inspectors find something that worries them then they may recommend that you get the comprehensive assessment.

So be on the lookout for our quote in your email box shortly.
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