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  • With Sellers to comply with the law when disclosing defects
  • With Estate agents to obey the law and ensure buyers are fully informed

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We recommend that buyers make their offer to purchase (OTP) subject to a satisfactory HouseCheck.  

No house is perfect and your HouseCheck report will separate Vital defects which need immediate attention and maintenance issues which you can handle over time.  We include cost estimates for both. This is your negotiating tool.

No, but now that you know what the defects will cost to repair, you can check if the property is priced at a reasonable level.

A seller may also offer to correct the defects prior to the sale. Your agent may advise that despite the defects you still have a good buy given that the comparative market analysis indicates that the property could sell for more. Some sellers price for a quick sale.

Property Attorney Cilna Steyn recommends you get a home inspection

Our clients are delighted

You get your report within one working day of the Inspection

HouseCheck reports are conducted by HouseCheck Inspectors who are qualified and trained by SAHITA (The South African Home Inspection Academy)

Our reports empower you

You get the best deals armed with a HouseCheck Report

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Here’s some issues you may not have know about

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