Renovation Home Inspections​

HouseCheck conducts “snag” and “de-snag” inspections on renovated and newly-built homes and other properties when the builder or developer hands over the property to the new owner.  

The new owner will generally have a limited  period to inform the builder of all “snags” (defects) which the builder is required in terms of the contract.  Once the builder has remedied the defects then property is “de-snagged” and if the owner is satisfied then a “happy letter” will be issued authorising the financial institution to release any funds retained pending the happy letter.

Home inspectors are often contracted by owners to use their knowledge and experience to undertake snag and de-snag inspections.

The principles of a snag inspection are basically the same as the guidelines for inspecting existing buildings already discussed in this SAHITA module.  

The difference between a normal home inspection and a snag inspection is:

Every single defect (bad workmanship or damaged/inferior materials (including the smallest blemishes) must be documented to show the location and nature of the defect.   In practice this usually means photographing every defect and including all images in the snag report.

The defects should be documented in the snag report by room/area for easy identification.

The snag report should also contain a breakdown of defects by the trade which will be needed for repair/remedy.  Example:

  • Painter;
  • Electrician;
  • Plumber;
  • Builder;
  • Carpenter;
  • Tiler.

If you require any other services or information from HouseCheck then please go to our home inspections services page or read our tips for buying a renovated home.

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