Red Flag inspections for Public Buildings

Routine maintenance of school facilities in our country is generally unacceptable… The ongoing neglect exposes learners to danger, de-motivates educators and costs the state more and more over time as buildings deteriorate further and collapse.  

– Extract from Dept of Basic Education, Facilities Maintenance Guide for Schools


Protecting people using public buildings

HouseCheck, South Africa’s leading building inspection business now offers custodians of all buildings used by the public and – in particular, school buildings, an affordable independent Red Flag building condition inspection which will:

  1. Help ensure the safety of everyone using the buildings.
  2. Provide an “early warning” Red Flag to potential building or system failure.
  3. Enable the custodians of the building to call in the appropriate specialists timeously when needed for further investigation and remedial action: Specialists such as engineers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and waterproofers.
  4. Provide an annual baseline inspection so that building custodians can plan and budget for preventative maintenance.

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