Red Flag Home Inspection Reports – Protecting Sellers and Estate Agents

What you don’t know… can hurt you!

3 Inspection options for buyers, sellers, agents, owners, landlords & tenants:

HouseCheck now offers special Red Flag reports for sellers and estate agents. These basic reports are designed to protect sellers and estate agents in terms of their duty to declare defects on properties they wish to sell.

This basic Red Flag inspection is a low cost alternative designed to reassure agents and sellers (and potential buyers) that there are no problems in five critical areas of the house – problems which may not be obvious, but which could result in nasty post-sale problems.

If the Red Flag report highlights a problem then it is recommended that HouseCheck undertakes a more detailed inspection (at a discounted rate) to evaluate problem areas and to estimate likely costs of repairs. This enables all parties to negotiate an equitable price for the sale.

HouseCheck Red Flag report:  Popular with estate agents & sellers who want the assurance  thatserious issues are disclosed to potential buyers. This is a brief report covering Red Flag issues involving the roof, roof cavity,  walls and ground drainage. Request a sample Red Flag report here. Average fee R1700. Minimum R1 200.

HouseCheck Vital inspection:  Focuses on the structural & safety aspects of the structures.  Includes cost estimates.  Average fee: R2800. Minimum R1800

HouseCheck Comprehensive inspection:  This is our most popular choice for cautious home buyers who want factual and detailed information on the condition of the property. Includes cost estimates. Average fee: R3800.  Minimum: R2100


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