Real Estate Inspection Services | Roofing Inspection

Real Estate Inspection Services | Roofing Inspection

The HouseCheck real estate inspection services offers a variety of quality inspection services – all of which are aimed at providing full disclosure and peace of mind for buyers of South African property.

While HouseCheck does inspect commercial and industrial buildings, its major focus is on house inspection services.   HouseCheck is contracted by potential home buyers to provide a full real estate inspection service prior to the deal being closed.

This inspection typically includes a:

  • Roofing inspection:  HouseCheck will inspect both the exterior and interior structure during a roofing inspection and will report on defects, structural issues and any irregularities in the roof design and construction.
  • Wall inspection:  HouseCheck inspects all exterior and interior wall surfaces and reports on cracks, damp and other issues.  In the light of the wall inspection HouseCheck is also often able to draw some conclusions with regard to the condition of the underground foundations.  If potentially serious problems are identified by HouseCheck, then HouseCheck may recommend a full foundation inspection by an engineer; such an inspection of the foundations may involve partial excavation and even core sampling of the concrete foundation.
  • Window inspection:.   HouseCheck inspects all windows and doors to report on their condition and to recommend remedial action as necessary.

Our real estate inspection services are comprehensive

All other aspects of the property – from roof to boundary walls – are also inspected and the potential buyer is provided with a detailed report.  This inspection report documents and evaluates all significant defects and usually also provides an estimate of the costs of repair.

If significant defects are uncovered during the home inspection the buyer may choose to renegotiate the deal in order to protect himself.  HouseCheck recommends that buyers should always make their offer to purchase subject to a property inspection.

Often a seller will also request a house inspection prior to listing the property for sale. This real estate inspection service enables the seller to decide whether to rectify the defects identified in the HouseCheck report, or whether to simply disclose these defects to potential buyers.

Quality control inspection

HouseCheck also offers quality control inspection services for clients who are building.  This quality control service involves interval site inspections to check on the building work in progress.  Regular reports are provided to the client and to the builder.   The HouseCheck quality control services ensures that problems in the building process are identified at an early stage when it is normally still practical and cost-effect to rectify such problems.

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