Property Buyers Rights are stated in Part H of the Consumer Protection Act

Right to fair value, good quality and safety

Definitions applicable to this Part of the Act

53. (1) In this Part, when used with respect to any goods, component of any goods, or services :

(a) ‘‘defect’’ means:

(i) any material imperfection in the manufacture of the goods or components, or in performance of the services, that renders te goods or results of the service less acceptable than persons generally would be reasonably entitled to expect in the circumstances; or

(ii) any characteristic of the goods or components that renders the goods or components less useful, practicable or safe than persons generally would be reasonably entitled to expect in the circumstances;

(b) ‘‘failure’’ means the inability of the goods to perform in the intended manner or to the intended effect;

(c) ‘‘hazard’’ means a characteristic that:

(i) has been identified as, or declared to be, a hazard in terms of any other law; or

(ii) presents a significant risk of personal injury to any person, or damage to property, when the goods are utilised; and

(d) ‘‘unsafe’’ means that, due to a characteristic, failure, defect or hazard, particular goods present an extreme risk of personal injury or property damage to the consumer or to other persons.

Consumer’s rights to demand quality service

54. (1) When a supplier undertakes to perform any services for or on behalf of a consumer, the consumer has a right to:

(a) the timely performance and completion of those services, and timely notice of any unavoidable delay in the performance of the services;

(b) the performance of the services in a manner and quality that persons are generally entitled to expect;

(c) the use, delivery or installation of goods that are free of defects and of a quality that persons are generally entitled to expect, if any such goods are required for performance of the services; and

(d) the return of any property or control over any property of the consumer in at least as good a condition as it was when the consumer made it available to the supplier for the purpose of performing such services, having regard to the circumstances of the supply, and any specific criteria or conditions agreed between the supplier and the consumer before or during the performance of the services.

54 (2) If a supplier fails to perform a service to the standards contemplated in subsection (1), the consumer may require the supplier to either:

(a) remedy any defect in the quality of the services performed or goods supplied; or

(b) refund to the consumer a reasonable portion of the price paid for the services performed and goods supplied, having regard to the extent of the failure.

Consumer’s rights to safe, good quality goods

55. (1) This section does not apply to goods bought at an auction, as contemplated in section 45.

55. (2) Except to the extent contemplated in subsection (6), every consumer has a right to

receive goods that:

(a) are reasonably suitable for the purposes for which they are generally intended;

(b) are of good quality, in good working order and free of any defects;

(c) will be useable and durable for a reasonable period of time, having regard to the use to which they would normally be put and to all the surrounding circumstances of their supply; and

(d) comply with any applicable standards set under the Standards Act, 1993 (Act No. 29 of 1993), or any other public regulation.

55. (3) In addition to the right set out in subsection (2)(a), if a consumer has specifically informed the supplier of the particular purpose for which the consumer wishes to acquire any goods, or the use to which the consumer intends to apply those goods, and the supplier:

(a) ordinarily offers to supply such goods; or

(b) acts in a manner consistent with being knowledgeable about the use of those goods, the consumer has a right to expect that the goods are reasonably suitable for the specific purpose that the consumer has indicated.

55. (4) In determining whether any particular goods satisfied the requirements of subsection (2) or (3), all of the circumstances of the supply of those goods must be considered, including but not limited to:

(a) the manner in which, and the purposes for which, the goods were marketed, packaged and displayed, the use of any trade description or mark, any instructions for, or warnings with respect to the use of the goods;

(b) the range of things that might reasonably be anticipated to be done with or in relation to the goods; and

(c) the time when the goods were produced and supplied.

55.(5) For greater certainty in applying subsection (4):

(a) it is irrelevant whether a product failure or defect was latent or patent, or whether it could have been detected by a consumer before taking delivery of the goods; and

(b) a product failure or defect may not be inferred in respect of particular goods solely on the grounds that better goods have subsequently become available from the same or any other producer or supplier.

(6) Subsection (2)(a) and (b) do not apply to a transaction if the consumer:

(a) has been expressly informed that particular goods were offered in a specific condition; and

(b) has expressly agreed to accept the goods in that condition, or knowingly acted in a manner consistent with accepting the goods in that condition.

Implied warranty of quality

56. (1) In any transaction or agreement pertaining to the supply of goods to a consumer there is an implied provision that the producer or importer, the distributor and the retailer each warrant that the goods comply with the requirements and standards contemplated in section 55, except to the extent that those goods have been altered contrary to the instructions, or after leaving the control, of the producer or importer, a distributor or the retailer, as the case may be.

56. (2) Within six months after the delivery of any goods to a consumer, the consumer may return the goods to the supplier, without penalty and at the supplier’s risk and expense, if the goods fail to satisfy the requirements and standards contemplated in section 55, and the supplier must, at the direction of the consumer, either:

(a) repair or replace the failed, unsafe or defective goods; or

(b) refund to the consumer the price paid by the consumer, for the goods.

56. (3) If a supplier repairs any particular goods or any component of any such goods, and within three months after that repair, the failure, defect or unsafe feature has not been remedied, or a further failure, defect or unsafe feature is discovered, the supplier must:

(a) replace the goods; or

(b) refund to the consumer the price paid by the consumer for the goods.

56.  (4) The implied warranty imposed by subsection (1), and the right to return goods set out in subsection (2), are each in addition to:

(a) any other implied warranty or condition imposed by the common law, this Act or any other public regulation; and

(b) any express warranty or condition stipulated by the producer or importer, distributor or retailer, as the case may be.

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