Pay a Realistic Price for your Home

The real value of a HouseCheck lies in negotiating a deal based on the true condition of the property

Pay a realistic price for your home

When considering the huge investment involved in buying a home in South Africa – for anywhere between R800,000 and R30-million, the real value of a home inspection is not the few thousand rand inspection fee, but rather the need to pay a realistic price for your home.   

Saving a few cents on an inspection fee by opting for a cheap inspection report,  is nothing if the buyer lands up paying a hundred thousand rand too much for the property – simply because the buyer didn’t understand the true actual condition of the property.

Likewise, in the absence of an inspection report, estate agents and sellers both become vulnerable to the possibility of future expensive and damaging legal repercussions

So what’s really important to enable the client to assess the value provided by a home inspection report?  Here are 7 questions for any home inspection customer to think about:

  1. Is the inspector competent, experienced and knowledgeable? Only inspectors who have been thoroughly trained in South African building regulations and South African building practices are competent to inspect South African homes.
  2. Is the inspector honest and impartial?  Does he/she subscribe to a professional Code of Conduct?
  3. Will the inspection report provide reliable cost estimates for fixing what is wrong with the home?
  4. Will a detailed and comprehensive inspection report be delivered quickly, thereby ensuring that property sale is not unduly delayed?
  5. Is the inspection report both easy to understand and also detailed? Will there be a summary of important information regarding costs and defects, together with more information and explanations, with relevant images, in the body of the report?
  6. Does the inspection company carry adequate insurance to ensure that the client is covered if the inspector makes a mistake? The possibility of human error can never be completely ruled out.
  7. If a legal dispute arises after the sale, does the inspection company have the national reputation to be recognised in a South African court as an “expert witness”?

HouseCheck is a national South African inspection company, with a 12-year track record, which can answer “Yes” to the above six questions.  We have a long and proud record  of consistently delivering thousands of quality inspection reports in all parts of the country.

  • All HouseCheck inspectors are SAHITA-certified and are NABISA members.  
  • HouseCheck quality control and delivery systems are the quickest and most thorough in the home inspection industry – delivery of quality-controlled reports within one working day of the inspection. 

One of South Africa’s largest banks has recognised the value of a HouseCheck inspection by appointing HouseCheck to conduct home inspections on behalf of the bank’s clients.

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