Mandatory sellers declaration

Mandatory Sellers Declaration for Property Sellers

Why do a HouseCheck Inspection when Selling a Home?

Mandatory Sellers Declaration: The sensible option for Sellers

If you are thinking of selling a home, you should seriously consider arranging an independent mandatory sellers declaration inspection by HouseCheck prior to listing your home. The new Consumer Protection Act and the New property Practitioners Act poses a threat to sellers and agents if full and accurate disclosure of the condition of the property to not made to the buyer upfront.

A mandatory sellers declaration inspection, sets the stage for a professional sales process and provides you with an opportunity to receive an unbiased, objective evaluation of the current condition of your home by a third party. Like any home seller, you want to get the most for your home in the shortest time. Don’t let repairs become a negotiating tool for your home buyers.

The HouseCheck mandatory sellers declaration inspection provides you the Seller with powerful benefits:

  • Speeds up the sale by dealing with home buyers fears up-front
  • Give you time before going to market, to decide on the basis of the HouseCheck report whether to correct problems, or to simply disclose the defects and adjust the sales price to reflect the estimated cost of the necessary repairs.
  • Increase awareness and promotes a sense of trust with your buyers.
  • Assists your estate agent to advise you on a the fair listing price based on the true physical condition of the home… resulting in a quicker sale.

There are many reasons why a seller should not do their own mandatory sellers decaration. Some reasons are obvious and others less so:

  1. You may not reside in the property.
  2. The property may be part of a descaled estate or the owner may be incapacitated.
  3. Owners never climb in the roof cavity and are often unaware of defects.
  4. Owners are so used to the defects that they do not notice them any more.


“Grateful to have a good report for Agent to offer prospective buyer”

- Nell Browne

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