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Buying a house? Don’t make an expensive mistake

Buying a house is a huge financial investment and can be very risky – especially if you are being asked to sign a voetstoots clause.  Make sure you don’t risk your hard-earned money. You should always make your Offer to Purchase conditional on a satisfactory home inspection report.

“Some while ago you checked out a house I was considering buying. I received your report a day or two after calling you and, talk about impressed, the report was thorough, and easily understandable, having defects illustrated with photographs. Prevention is usually cheaper than cure and you saved me from buying a house that would have cost about 20% above its asking price to rectify serious problems and probably the same again in legal fees had I tried to get compensation from the seller. It’s a MUST for anyone considering house purchase to call HouseCheck. It won’t cost a bean because they will get back in reduced purchase price much more than they pay you, and they can buy without anxiety.”

 – Barry Oram



Take action now:

  • Get a HouseCheck quotation within minutes.  Just complete the online form above and we will email you a “no-obligations” quote for a house inspection report.  For quoting purposes please count and indicate on the form the number of rooms (this includes bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage and outbuildings.  Exclude very small rooms like a guest toilet, passage or a scullery).
  • Download our free 45-page HouseCheck Home Buyer’s Guide nowThis unique free book will both empower you and save you money.  We will teach you about the danger areas you can avoid.  We will help you to properly understand the full sales process – from dealing with an estate agent…to making an offer… to getting a HouseCheck home inspection report…to getting a mortgage bond… to understanding transfer costs….to moving into your dream home.

HouseCheck is a national home inspection company which provides a full range of home inspection services 

 Our home inspection service is the best in South Africa because:

  • Our home inspection fees are reasonable – our average fee is R4 200.  This fee is a small and wise investment compared to the price you are paying for the house.  Informative HouseCheck reports usually save our clients many times our fee. (Our fees are based on the number of rooms in the house – bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage and outbuildings.)
  • We deliver the HouseCheck report within one working day of the inspection.
  • Our home inspection condition reports are comprehensive and cover all areas of the house – including the roof, roof cavity, geyser,  walls, foundations, floors, ceilings, and finishes.
  • Our inspectors are trained by SAHITA ( and by HouseCheck.   Our  training and methods are based on best international practice taking into account the South African building codes and conditions.
  • HouseCheck reports are of a high consistent professional standard and are properly checked.  View a sample report.  In terms of quality and detail, HouseCheck reports are without equal in South Africa.

“Grateful to have a good report for Agent to offer prospective buyer”

- Nell Browne

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