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HouseCheck Franchise Opportunities

HouseCheck offers best franchisee support

With the Government introducing new laws to protect home buyers through home inspection here are a few reasons to consider investing in a HouseCheck franchise.

1. Firstly, we offer an exclusive territory. This means that you will not be competing with fellow franchisees from HouseCheck.

2. We do all the quoting and invoicing for you. This means that we are there to take the calls all the time. It’s difficult to do this when you are in a roof or concentrating on a challenging technical aspect of an inspection.

2. Our business is totally systemised. From our technical training, operations, marketing actions, publicity campaigns to our interactions with our clients everything is a documented process. Training is available for every step of the way. Most of this training is accessible online either through www.sahita.co.za (for the technical training) or through the company intranet for marketing, business processes or operational procedures. The benefit of this is that your business becomes scalable. When, as we predict, home inspections become the normal way of protecting buyers, sellers and estate agents, then we are going to have to upskill a lot of people to cope with the approximately 10 000 homes being sold in South Africa every month. Having all the systems in place makes this a much easier job.

3. HouseCheck inspections are done on site with smart phone or tablet, using a template which ensures you don’t miss anything.  Smart text, built into the software, speaks to almost every defect and defect evaluation which the inspector may encounter. Merely having to take a photo and select the appropriate text makes the compilation of the report very quick and accurate. On average, the HouseCheck inspector will spend three hours at the property and another hour or two to tidy things up and do the cost estimates. This allows us to get our completed reports to head office for checking and distribution to clients within one working day compared to the 72 hours advertised by some of our opposition. This specialised software gives you the edge.

4. Our customer relations management (CRM) system allows you to keep track of outstanding quotes. When the quote is on hold, probably because the client hasn’t secured the property as yet because the deal is still at offer stage, then our system sends them periodic automated correspondence to enquire if they are ready for the inspection as yet.

5. Similarly our CRM system also assists you in dealing with and educating estate agents. You are able to build relationships with many agents at a time. These time-saving and relationship-building tools are critical to your success.

6. Our national online meeting held online every Tuesday morning is a great way to share experiences, pick up tips and get encouragement when things get tough.

7. Our electronic marketing campaign, including Google pay per click advertising costs you nothing extra. It is included in your franchise split. Over thirty percent of our leads come from this campaign. Not all our opposition feel they want to pay for this service. It’s easy to tell who does, by Googling Home Inspection Services in South Africa, and seeing who appears in the top three positions on the search results page.

Naturally the lobbying we are doing and the publicity we have achieved serve not only to grow HouseCheck but the entire industry. That is important to us. We want a thriving industry in Africa because once the tipping point is reached we believe we are well placed to continue to be the market leaders in Africa.

The potential size of the home inspection market in South Africa is in excess of 10 000 inspections a month – worth about R35-million a month in inspection fees.   The home inspection industry is well placed to be one of the highest growth sectors of our economy.

At HouseCheck we believe in expanding the home inspection industry rather than squabbling with our competitors for a slice of a small cake.  Naturally we aim to continue to be the leading South African home inspection business, but the more competent inspectors out there educating the public the better.    This is the reason we established SAHITA as an independent and respected building inspection training business to provide responsible training for anyone wishing to enter this exciting industry.

Registering interest for a Franchise opportunity

HouseCheck is not actively seeking new franchisees. However we are making exceptions for certain platteland areas and for opportunities where the interested parties can offer exceptional value in areas of local marketing and sales.

In order to be considered we would like some more information about yourself and to see a copy of your CV which you can upload as part of the registration process. 

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    We will need your personal details here and in the next section we will ask you some questions to determine your suitability as a franchisee. At HouseCheck we are NOT actively marketing franchise territories but will consider franchises where we believe you could add value to HouseCheck.
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