Home inspectors are the GP of the home building industry

Home inspectors are the GP of the home building industry

A home inspection can be likened to a patient receiving a medical examination from a GP, says John Graham CEO of HouseCheck.  “If the doctor hears an irregular heartbeat, the patient will need to get an expert opinion from a specialist. It’s the same for houses. You may need to get a specialist such as a structural engineer, a waterproofing expert, an electrician or a plumber to provide a definitive answer to a specific problem identified by the home inspection.

“A good home inspector is an all-rounder”, says Graham.  HouseCheck inspeectors are all SAHITA-certified and understand all aspects of house construction.   HouseCheck  will document all observed defects and also raise a “red flag” regarding any specific and serious defects which require specialist attention.”

Graham says most South African homes offered for sale are in reasonable condition, but – because existing housing is almost always sold voetstoots – an impartial and knowledgeable condition assessment is  a wise precaution for buyers, sellers and estate agents.

Graham adds that a good home inspection service will also be able to provide an estimate of the costs of repairs of the defects documented.  “In it Comprehensive report, HouseCheck splits these estimates in two: maintenance costs and urgent repairs required of a structural, safety and function nature.”

Once the home inspector has submitted his report then, if necessary, the seller or buyer can have specialists do inspections of any suspect systems in which they are experts -, such as foundations, roofs, electrical installation, plumbing, air conditioning, swimming pools, sprinkler systems and appliances.

HouseCheck offers various reports to address different client needs:

  • Comprehensive: In this report the HouseCheck inspector documents and evaluates all observed defects on the property – literally from the top of the roof to the boundary walls – and everything in between.   Cost estimates for repair are also included.  The Comprehensive  report is very popular with cautious buyers who are spending a lot of money buying a property voetstoots and who want an accurate and impartial assessment of the property condition.
  • VITAL: In this report the HouseCheck inspector surveys the 21 crucial areas of any property and reports on major defects only.   This includes roofs, roof cavities, damp, cracks, hot water geysers, ground drainage, safety aspects plumbing, drains, swimming pools, approved plans and electrical and gas installations.   The VITAL  report is popular with estate agents and sellers and can be used as a more reliable Seller’s Condition Declaration.
  • Specialised reports: HouseCheck offers a variety of specialised reports which are tailored to address specific client requirements.  For example:  Roof only report, damp only, cracks, snag reports on new property, building quality control (progress reports) and rental reports for tenants and landlords.

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