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Get a Home Inspector to determine the true condition of your property

HouseCheck builds bridges of trust between buyers and sellers and their agents.

You should inspect a home to determine the true condition in South Africa because the law is on the seller’s side if you buy from a private person.

The HouseCheck inspector will give you a comprehensive report of the current condition of your property and the possible consequences of those defects in the future. We also do a cost estimate for the repairs. We often pick up small things that if not corrected can develop into major structural issues.

The HouseCheck inspector, therefore, alerts you to issues that can be avoided.

HouseCheck reports are issues within one working day. HouseCheck started the South African Home Inspection Training Academy. (SAHITA) and all our inspectors undergo SAHITA training, further training through HouseCheck and all our reports are thoroughly checked by our quality control department before being issued to you.

At HouseCheck, we not only follow the standards, we created them for the South African Home Inspection Industry.

Take action now:

Get a HouseCheck quotation within minutes. Just complete the online form below and we will email you a “no-obligation” quote for a house inspection report within an hour.

For quoting purposes please count and indicate on the form the number of rooms (this includes bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage, and outbuildings. Exclude very small rooms like a guest toilet, passage or a scullery).

“Grateful to have a good report for Agent to offer prospective buyer”

- Nell Browne

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