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Home Inspection Services in East London

In tighter economic times it simply makes sense to ensure that the money you spend on your next property is all you have to spend for a while. Credit is not easily come by and a new home owner does not want to discover that their new lovely home sits with a dud geyser that’s about to fail. To add insult to injury  the new home owner may discover that the geyser has been installed incorrectly negating the warranty. Insurance companies may also not pay out for a claim in cases of incorrect installation.

if you don’t think this will happen to you then you should know that HouseCheck home inspections have found that 70% of all homes inspected have incorrectly installed geysers.

HouseCheck exists to help home buyers  (and sellers and their agents) to ensure that  buying a home is an honest and transparent process where everyone gets a fair deal.  Some sellers and agents are even willing to pay for the home inspection.  Home inspection services provide honesty and transparency and buyers should feel more comfortable in dealing with such people.

Customer testimonials :

“Thank you very much for the professional services you rendered to assist me in making a final decision on buying a property.  The report I received was comprehensive and did not only give me the comfort that the property I am buying is in good condition, but also provided information on areas to focus on from a maintenance perspective going forward. I would really recommend your services to anybody wishing to buy property.

Ina Thompson

“I would like to thank you very much for reacting to the urgency of the situation like you did. The details of your first and second report have given the bond attorneys all the information that they require. Once again I must thank you for meeting me late in the evening yesterday at such short notice and for getting such a detailed report back to me in under 24hrs. We hope to use your services again when the house needs to be signed off for transfer.”

Simon Daniels, Managing Director, Vexiste, Newlands

To protect yourself demand a HouseCheck report as a condition of purchase. That way you will be buying with your head as well as with your heart.GET YOUR FREE QUOTE NOW!!!Just fill in the form below or call Mike:
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