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HouseCheck is  a property inspection company operating throughout South Africa and also in other Southern African countries.  All HouseCheck home inspectors are SAHITA trained and certified.  HouseCheck reports are delivered within one working day of the inspection. Home Inspection fees at HouseCheck are calculated according to the number of rooms a property has. This determines the home inspectors workload.

At HouseCheck our fees are also determined by the type of inspection you require.

The Standard Comprehensive Home Inspection Report is the most popular type of report.

For those who are budget conscious the Vital inspection report may be what you are looking for. This report focuses on the five critical areas of a property.

Sellers and estate agents on the other hand may just be concerned about the red flag reports.

If you are a developer or are currently building your own property then you may want to consider our snag reports.

Get your free home inspection quote by filling in the form below. A typical three bedroom two bathroom home will cost about R4 200 for a comprehensive report.

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“Grateful to have a good report for Agent to offer prospective buyer”

- Nell Browne

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We need all the details in this quote request form to quote you accurately. It takes on average a few minutes to email your quote to you after filling in the form. Industrial properties and specialised quotes may take longer.

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