General Home Inspections

HouseCheck inspectors are trained and equipped to inspect the overall condition of any building in South Africa. However, HouseCheck’s most popular service remains its general home inspections for buyers, sellers and property owners.

Prospective buyers use HouseCheck to inspect and provide a condition report on all areas in a property – including the roof, roof cavity (to view the roof structure), interiors and exteriors of all buildings on the property,the electrical, plumbing and other installations, stormwater management, swimming pools and boundary and retaining walls.

The HouseCheck Comprehensive report is most popular. This report documents and evaluates all observed defects and conditions, illustrated with multiple images. Estimated costs of repair are provided together with recommendations where HouseCheck advises further investigation by a relevant specialist.

Prospective sellers and their estate agents use HouseCheck to provide a report on significant defects, which sellers are now required by the Property Practitioners Act, to disclose to prospective buyers. The HouseCheck Vital report is most popular with sellers and agents.

Property owners use the HouseCheck Comprehensive inspection report as a maintenance planning tool and also to identify areas of risk and non-compliance.

Typical risks, which may not be covered by homeowner’ insurance, if non-compliant, involve:

  • Fire detection and fire prevention systems;
  • Personal safety: This includes intruder prevention, dangerous and non- compliant glazing, stairways and balustrades, free-standing walls and automated doors and gates;
  • Storm damage because of poor maintenance of roofs and stormwater, management systems;
  • Hot water geyser failure and resultant damage to ceilings and interiors;
  • Lack of electrical surge protection where expensive electronics have been installed in a home.
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