ESTATE AGENTS | Home Inspections

ESTATE AGENTS | Home Inspections

Consumer Protection Act: HouseCheck assists estate agents with pre-sale compliance

HouseCheck is a simple and reliable resource which will assist professional estate agents to comply with the new Consumer Protection Act and will also help agents fulfill their ethical obligations to both their home buyers and their home sellers – without compromising the sale!

HouseCheck understands the needs of estate agents who are looking for a quick, simple and streamlined inspection process which will enable the agent to provide an ethical and legally bullet-proof service – without bogging down the sale!

HouseCheck has combined its in-depth experience in  the real estate, property inspection and building industries with best international practice to provide an inspection model which quickly,  easily and seamlessly fulfills the needs of home buyers, home sellers and estate agents.

HouseCheck reports satisfy the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and also provides definite advantages to professional estate agents who want the best of both worlds – fast, trouble-free sales and happy, satisfied home buyers and home sellers.

HouseCheck understands the urgency involved in the estate agents task to successfully bring home buyers and home sellers together. Each member of the HouseCheck team is committed to maintaining the highest of business / industry and ethical standards in all aspects of our business. So when the opportunity arrives to choose an inspection company which will deliver professional service designed to meet and exceed client expectations HouseCheck is the right match for you and your clients!

An inspection report may assist estate agents to council sellers who want to overprice their properties.

Most estate agents experience home sellers who may have an unrealistic view of the value of their home. A HouseCheck report in conjunction with a comparative market analysis will assist estate agents to council their clients to apply a realistic price to their properties. Correctly priced houses are most likely to sell quickly to the benefit of seller, buyer and agent.

Buyers are nervous.

Besides being nervous at their largest purchase to date, research shows that  home buyers use defects as a negotiating tool on a ration of 10:1.  A home buyer will generally over-estimate the cost of repairing a defect and will often ask for a price reduction worth ten times the actual cost of fixing the defect. With full disclosure and a cost estimate to repair a far more realistic picture can emerge.

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