Don’t get caught with your pants down

Don’t get caught with your pants down

Buying a home without a proper home inspection may just leave you vulnerable and exposed. Current South African law favours sellers. Most Offer to Purchase documents contain the notorious voetstoots clause which, once signed means that the buyer accepts the property “as is” and has no claim against the seller unless the buyer can prove the seller was dishonest.

In reality, proving that the seller was dishonest is a difficult thing to do and sellers attorneys can drag the process on for months if not years creating legal fees in the many tens of thousands of Rands.

A HouseCheck empowers you to know the true condition of your purchase. You will be able to plan for future maintenance and your home ownership experience will be much better.

Safeguard yourself by making your Offer to Purchase conditional on a satisfactory home inspection report.

Just complete the  form below and we will email you a “no-obligations” quote for a house inspection report within the hour. For quoting purposes please count and indicate on the form the number of rooms (this includes bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage and outbuildings. Exclude very small rooms like a guest toilet, passage or a scullery).

View a sample report. In terms of quality and detail, HouseCheck reports are without equal in South Africa.


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