Comprehensive Home Inspection Reports

Comprehensive Home Inspections save buyers money

  • HouseCheck Comprehensive reports include cost estimates for repairs.
  • HouseCheck comprehensive reports differentiate between structural and maintenance issues.
  • HouseCheck delivers reports within one working day – so no delays with the offer.
  • HouseCheck’s comprehensive home inspection fees are reasonable – our average fee is R4 300.  This fee is a small and wise investment compared to the price you are paying for the house.
  • Informative HouseCheck reports usually save our clients many times our fee. (Our fees are based on the number of rooms in the house – bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage and outbuildings.)
  • Our home inspection condition reports are comprehensive and cover all areas of the house – including the roof, roof cavity, geyser,  walls, foundations, floors, ceilings and finishes.
  • Our inspectors are trained by SAHITA ( and by HouseCheck.   Our  training and methods are based on best international practice taking into account the South African building codes and conditions.
  • HouseCheck reports are of a high consistent professional standard and are properly checked.  View a sample report.  In terms of quality and detail, HouseCheck reports are without equal in South Africa.

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