Commercial Property Inspections

HouseCheck regularly undertakes comprehensive inspections of commercial and retail properties for prospective purchasers and for existing property owners who wish to plan a maintenance programme.

All South African building structures must conform to the same building standards and national regulations, in accordance with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act.  

HouseCheck inspectors are certified by SAHITA ( which provides building and home inspectors with training in this central piece of building regulation together with training in all other relevant building standards and building practices..

HouseCheck inspection reports of commercial and retail properties provide a useful due diligence for prospective purchasers.  HouseCheck reports document observed defects and areas of non-compliance.  

Where relevant the HouseCheck inspector will recommend further investigation by an appropriate building specialist. Building specialists include registered structural engineers, roofing engineers, geotechnical investigation of soils, electricians, plumbers and so on.

If you require any other services or information from HouseCheck then please go to our home inspections services page

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