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You know the excitement one gets when buying a new home. That wonderful feeling that you are going to be a homeowner. Well, we understand that at HouseCheck and we are there to support you to get your ideal home.

In the excitement it is possible to overlook soon critical issues:

  1. Are you paying too much for the home?
  2. Is this an area where property values are increasing or are they on the decline?
  3. And are there any critical defects that I should know about.

Often these critical defects are not known by the seller and certainly not by the agent.


A Housecheck inspector will climb into the roof cavity and check out your roof structure, We will look for potential leaks. We will assess if your stormwater management is sufficient so that you have no immediate or long-term problems with dampness and with your foundations. We will check to see if your geyser(s) have been installed correctly and according to safety regulations and we will look for any hidden damp issues using our sophisticated testing tools.


There’s no point in having the joy of owning a new hame killed when you discover you have to find lots of cash to fix these critical problems.


At HouseCheck we have products to assist you to buy smart. We know you’ve searched long and hard for the ideal home.


We don’t want to kill that deal, we want to give you the assurance you need on these specialist areas so that you know your future maintenance and repair needs are affordable. That you have an asset that will improve in value and that you have paid a reasonable price. Then you can have peace of mind.


Of course, if you want to be ultra careful then our comprehensive inspection may be the product you need from us.

“Grateful to have a good report for Agent to offer prospective buyer”

- Nell Browne

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