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HouseCheck are building inspectors who provide a full home inspection service for home buyers and home sellers.  HouseCheck also provides building inspection reports for property owners who want to do planned maintenance or who are in conflict with their builder or contractor.

HouseCheck building inspectors are able to provide its clients an all-round building survey on the condition of any property.  HouseCheck building inspection reports document the observed condition of all parts of a house or apartment  – including the roof, roof cavity, ceilings, walls, floors, foundations, finishes, exteriors and installations such as electrical, plumbing and gas.  HouseCheck building inspection reports document and evaluate  all observed defects and also provide an estimate of the cost of repair.

HouseCheck building inspectors should not be confused with municipal building inspectors, neither  with building inspectors employed by the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC). 

While HouseCheck building inspectors provide a comprehensive, written inspection report  on the overall condition of existing structures on the property (including finishes and drainage), municipal building inspectors on the other hand, concern themselves only with new building work (new housing, plus additions and alterations).  Municipal building inspectors enforce local bylaws and the national building regulations.  NHBRC building inspectors are also limited in the scope of their work.  NHBRC inspectors only inspect new housing units which has been enrolled with the NHBRC.  Also, the NHBRC inspection is confined to components of new housing which are covered by the NHBRC warranty – foundations, slabs, walls and roofs.
It can be seen therefore that the home inspection service offered by HouseCheck building inspectors is far more comprehensive than that offered by either municipal or NHBRC building inspectors.
HouseCheck building inspection reports are especially useful to prospective home buyers who want to be able to make an informed decision as the  condition of the house they are interested in buying.

“Grateful to have a good report for Agent to offer prospective buyer”

- Nell Browne

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