At what stage do I get the inspection done?

At what stage do I get the inspection done?

Good day, I am interested in buying a unit from a private seller. Seller has asked me to put an offer on the table – I wanted to find out – when do I request an inspection to be done – is this done when I meet with the seller again to see the property again inside? Please advise – and how much is it? regards Idalina

Good morning Indalina. Thanks for your email. My suggestion is that you should make your offer subject to a satisfactory home inspection report. This means that you and the seller “are on the same page” before you need to pay for our inspection report. Our fees are calculated on the number of rooms: R750 basic fee plus R350 per room.  For a bachelor our minimum fee of R1800 would probably apply. I suggest you visit and complete the form to request a quote. This places you under no obligation but it does provide you with useful information including the wording of the suggested conditional clause.

Regards John Graham

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