“What you don’t know can hurt you!”

Most home buyers purchase their home on the basis of emotional decisions and don’t take enough time before buying to determine the actual physical condition of the property they have fallen in love with.

Our HouseCheck team of experienced and professional home inspectors is backed by years of experience in South African property. Each inspector has been trained to the best international standards and we use internationally tested and approved reporting software – this enables us to provide quick, accurate reports of a consistent high quality to our clients .

Every home inspector has been trained to inspect all major elements of the property and to provide an objective opinion on its present condition, operation and function.   HouseCheck uses the National Building Regulations, the manuals of the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and manufacturers’ specifications as the guideline to minimum acceptable standards.

You will be given a detailed and comprehensive HouseCheck report on the condition of the home’s components from roof to foundation; as well estimates of the cost of repair and also some home maintenance advisement and tips.

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