Technical aspects of home inspections

Estate agency chiefs warn agents about the CPA

According to Bill Rawson, chairman of Rawson Properties, there is “much ignorance” among estate agents and consumers as to how the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) affects property transactions. Rawson adds that leaders in the property industry had mostlysupported the more stringent transparency concepts which were now enforceable under the CPA Rawson is quoted in the …

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Geyser troubleshooting

HouseCheck home inspectors reckon that badly installed or faulty hot water geysers are easily the most common problem they encounter when doing home inspections.    Here are some geyser problems which you the home owner may encounter. Dripping geyser overflow Geysers often leak (drip) through the pressure control valve overflow pipe. This is normal as the …

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Detecting and understanding roof leaks

Leaking roofs are a very common problem identified in home inspections. HouseCheck home inspections show that there are three main issues to consider when diagnosing and fixing leaking roofs: The condition of the roof covering. This includes cracked, broken or dislodged tiles or slates, damaged or corroded roof sheeting, weathered thatch. Incorrect installation can render …

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