Here’s another happy client

Thanks John Just sent payment confirmation. Thanks to Gerrie for the chat earlier – look forward to reading the report but your services are 100% worth every cent – saved us from a potential financial disaster not to mention a whole lot of hassle in this house. So debating our…

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Let the home buyer beware

It is probably a good thing that most aggrieved South African home buyers who think that they have been cheated by a seller, simply don’t have the money to take the seller to court, says John Graham, CEO of home inspection company HouseCheck. Graham says that the voetstoots clause provides…

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SA home buyers take huge risks with voetstoots clause

Buyers of privately owned homes face massive potential risks and, despite the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), South African home buyers remain one of the least protected classes of consumers. Because the law does not provide practical protection for buyers of second hand homes from private sellers, the only option is…

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Property industry needs to reinvent itself

It’s a tough time to be selling property and forward thinking estate agents are seeking ways to reinvent themselves as trusted transparent advisors, rather than mere marketers of property. Home inspections and compliance with the spirit of the Consumer Protection Act are two obvious strategies for future success in the…

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Detecting and understanding roof leaks

Leaking roofs are a very common problem identified in home inspections. HouseCheck home inspections show that there are three main issues to consider when diagnosing and fixing leaking roofs: The condition of the roof covering. This includes cracked, broken or dislodged tiles or slates, damaged or corroded roof sheeting, weathered…

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