Consumer Champion inspires HouseCheck

I have just spent a very inspiring hour with South African retail legend Raymond Ackerman discussing HouseCheck and its campaign to champion the rights of the consumer/home buyer. Mr Ackerman told me how, many years ago, he had been rescued from making a bad buying decision with his first home…

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Why do we need estate agents?

I had a presentation on home inspections this week to  a group of estate agents who were very skeptical.   These tough agents had previously been exposed to a home inspector from a rival company who had presented the case for home inspections to the local institute of estate agents. …

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Property industry needs to reinvent itself

It’s a tough time to be selling property and forward thinking estate agents are seeking ways to reinvent themselves as trusted transparent advisors, rather than mere marketers of property. Home inspections and compliance with the spirit of the Consumer Protection Act are two obvious strategies for future success in the…

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Pay by card or eft


Accredited Inspectors