Snag reports for new buildings

Snag reports for new buildings

Building? – Get a HouseCheck Snag list 

This service is popular with our clients when developers or builders hand-over newly-built houses or units.  HouseCheck will thoroughly inspect and “snag” the structure  so that the client can present the builder/developer with a detailed schedule of all issues (major and minor) which are to be corrected by the builder/developer as part of the hand-over process.

This inspection includes “minor” issues (such as poor paintwork or bad grouting of the tiles) and HouseCheck also reports on the overall standard of the structure from a structural, safety and functional point of view.

Here are some of the major problems that HouseCheck inspectors have encountered in newly-built units:

  • Walls, doors and windows out of square, or not plumb.
  • Poor plastering, tiling and paving.
  • Window and door frames which have not been properly sealed.
  • Floors which are not level, or slabs which are cracked.
  • Roofs with messy tiling, poor flashing, or incorrect waterproofing.
  • Ground drainage issues which will likely result in future damp in the house walls.
  • Poor building techniques and lack of adherence to building regulations – this often relates to cavity wall construction and roof structures.
  • Boundary walls which are likely to crack due to incorrect or missing expansion joints and piers.
  • Plumbing and sanitary ware issues.
  • Shoddy or unsafe electrical installations.

Fees for a HouseCheck Snag List are by quotation.

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