IPCA™ reports are for property sellers and estate agents

HouseCheck takes the risk out of buying property

You’ve landed on this page because you’ve scanned a QR code on a HouseCheck board placed on a property where HouseCheck has undertaken an Independent Property Condition Assessment™ (IPCA™). Please be sure to ask your agent, or the seller, for a copy of that IPCA™ report because it contains vital information about this property you have viewed.

IPCA™ is a basic report, designed as a better alternative to the mandatory “Seller’s Declaration”. For an IPCA™ report the HouseCheck inspector checks  21 important components of the property. This means, with the property you have looked at,  HouseCheck would have inspected the roof, checked inside the roof cavity (including the hot water geyser), observed how storm water may drain, tested whether dampness is present in higher risk areas and given a view on whether or not any cracks are structural.  All these findings will have been discussed at length with the property owner.

It is important for the potential buyer to note that the HouseCheck IPCA™ inspection does not cover items such as water leaks in taps,  broken cupboards or counters and routine maintenance issues.  The IPCA™ report also does not report on the condition of carpets and  floor coverings, paint work or obvious visual items such as ceiling cornice problems. The IPCA™ report is designed to enable the seller of the property to make full and honest disclosure by briefly identifying  serious structural, safety and functional issues in areas of the property where buyers, sellers and estate agents typically either don’t  look, or where they don’t have the necessary expertise to identify  defects.

HouseCheck’s Comprehensive Report is an alternative for buyers

Property buyers are advised to commission a full Comprehensive HouseCheck report as a condition of any Offer to Purchase.  In its Comprehensive Report HouseCheck  covers everything in the IPCA™ report, but in much greater detail.  Here HouseCheck also offers advice on how to repair the defects and also includes a rough estimate of the costs involved.

In much the same way that you would get the AA to check any used used car you were considering buying,  you should get a comprehensive HouseCheck report to empower yourself to make wise decisions when purchasing a property.

  • HouseCheck Comprehensive reports include cost estimates for repairs.
  • HouseCheck Comprehensive reports differentiate between structural and maintenance issues.
  • HouseCheck delivers reports within one working day – so no delays with the offer.
  • HouseCheck Comprehensive home inspection fees are reasonable – our average fee is R3 900.  This fee is a small and wise investment compared to the price you are paying for the house.
  • HouseCheck provides free quotes without obligation – just fill in the Quote Request form on this page and we will normally send you a quote within the hour.
  • HouseCheck inspection reports usually save our clients many times our fee. (Our fees are based on the number of rooms in the house – bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage and outbuildings.)
  • HouseCheck inspectors are trained by SAHITA (www.sahita.co.za) and by HouseCheck.   Our  training and methods are based on best national and international practice taking into account the South African National Building Regulations, laws and best practice in all of the various trades and specializations which contribute towards the construction of a South African home.
  • HouseCheck reports are of a high consistent professional standard and are properly checked.  View a sample report.  In terms of quality and detail, HouseCheck Comprehensive reports are without equal in South Africa.

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