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Buyers are usually at risk in a property transaction, because they are asked by estate agents to sign a “voetstoots” clause or “as is” clause in their offer to purchase. This offer then becomes a binding contract of sale when the seller counter accepts it.

HouseCheck often receives complaints from disgruntled buyers when they discover defects such as failing geysers, roof leaks and dampness in walls which they only discover after moving in.

At this point it is usually too late for the buyer.  The seller is protected by their voetstoots clause in their contract.

Buyers are also surprised to find that their bank does not do these checks and that the conveyancing attorney actually works for the seller and is not sympathetic to the claim.

That’s why more and more South African home buyers are protecting themselves by doing an independent home inspection through HouseCheck.

Be a smart buyer – Assess your risk

“Been such a great help, thank you House Check you have saved me from making a BIG mistake. Danie was SUCH a great assistance. A man of honesty, integrity and such a people person.” – Mercia Horn

“Very impressed with your report and feedback.” – Vic Duggan

“Your service has been excellent – as we have run our Company of ourselves and have never had this type of service in Cape Town.” – Cheryl Spence

“Your report highlighted how many hidden issues there were so we could make an informed decision. I was so impressed with your service that I can’t think how you can improve.” – Sandra Haefele

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