Mould Inspections

The presence of black mould in a home can be a serious health concern – especially for people with allergies.


Black mould is a fungus.  Mould spores are often found in areas of a building with moist conditions – especially if combined with poor ventilation within a room.


The presence of mould is a symptom of an underlying problem – namely damp or poor ventilation.


Damp, which results in the growth of mould, is usually caused by:


Damp conditions in the roof cavity, resulting from roof or pipe leaks, often manifests itself as black mould on a ceiling, or high-up on the walls.

Damp walls, caused by penetrating or rising damp, often result in the growth of black mould.  This is fairly common inside cupboards which have been attached to walls containing water pipes, or where unsealed showers, baths, basins and sinks have been installed on the other side of the wall.

Poor ventilation in bedrooms and bathrooms is also a common cause of mould. The moist air exhaled by sleeping people, or steam from a poorly ventilated bathroom will condense on cold surfaces such as ceilings or glazing – thereby providing good conditions for the growth of mould.


HouseCheck inspectors are trained to diagnose the causes of damp in a building.  Once the cause of the damp has been identified steps can be taken to resolve the underlying issue.


The most practical solution for mould is to:


First identify and eliminate the underlying cause of the damp which is providing ideal conditions for the growth of mould;

Then try to  improve the ventilation of the affected rooms. This can often be achieved by sleeping with open windows, or by installing extraction fans or air conditioning;

The existing mould spores can be killed with a mild bleach solution prior to repainting.  The use of an anti-mould paint is recommended for walls and ceilings which are prone to the growth of mould. A good anti-mould emulsion paint will stop mould growth for up to 6 years, while providing a tough moisture and steam resistant  surface.

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