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HouseCheck, South Africa’s leading home inspection company, has established itself in Zimbabwe in a partnership with indigenous Zimbabweans.  A new company, HouseCheck Zimbabwe has been registered with its headquarters in Harare.

Become a Home Inspector

Both the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe and the Estate Agents’ Council of Zimbabwe have been briefed on the launch of HouseCheck Zimbabwe.


In many parts of the world pre-sale home inspections play an important role in protecting the housing consumer.  In the USA near 80 per cent of houses are checked by professional home inspectors each time the house is sold.  Home inspections are catching on fast in  Africa and HouseCheck will now launch its services in all areas of Zimbabwe

Lovemore Nyausaru, Business Development Manager of HouseCheck explains that a HouseCheck report empowers both home buyers and estate agents and also reduces the chances of post-sale come backs and complaints from buyers to sellers and agents.

 Lovemore Nyausaru – HZ Business Development Officer
Lovemore Nyausaru – HZ Business Development Officer

Registered as: HouseCheck Zimbabwe (Private)  Reg. No. 3101/2013

106 Gunhill Road,

Telephone: +263 8644090747






A HouseCheck home inspection is a detailed and objective documentation of all observed defects in the house – from the roof to the boundary walls – and everything in between.

HouseCheck home inspectors are “all rounders” who are trained to understand all aspects of the house building process and also how to identify and evaluate defects.

Opening offer special!

HouseCheck Zimbabwe is offering estate agents an opening special.  Instead of the normal $250 fee, estate agents can pay $450 for 9 inspections for clients of their choice.  These inspections, which must be completed over a 3-month period (3 per month) will only cost agents a hugely discounted $50 per inspection report.


All HouseCheck inspectors are trained to use internationally acclaimed inspection software to guarantee comprehensive reports of a consistent high standard.  HouseCheck inspectors are trained in home inspection theory through the offices of SAHITA ( and are also given specialised training regarding Zimbabwe building by-laws and standards .


HouseCheck is a national home inspection company which provides a full range of home inspection services

 Our home inspection service is the best in Sub-Saharan Africa because:

  • Our home inspection fees are reasonable – our average fee is $250.  This fee is a small and wise investment compared to the price you are paying for the house.  Informative HouseCheck reports usually save our clients many times our fee. (Our fees are based on the number of rooms in the house – bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, garage and outbuildings.)
  • We deliver the HouseCheck report within one working day of the inspection.
  • Our home inspection condition reports are comprehensive and cover all areas of the house – including the roof, roof cavity, geyser,  walls, foundations, floors, ceilings and finishes.
  • Our inspectors are trained by SAHITA ( and by HouseCheck.   Our  training and methods are based on best international practice taking into account the Zimbabwean building codes and conditions.
  • HouseCheck reports are of a high consistent professional standard and are properly checked.  View a sample report.  In terms of quality and detail, HouseCheck reports are without equal in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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