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Other integrated services offered by HouseCheck:

HouseCheck has a network of trusted associates which enables us to also offer the following integrated services (fees for these services are by quotation):

  • Independent quotations from contractors:  Though our alliance with 1Call ASAP we are able to facilitate  independent quotations (three per job) from accredited contractors so that you have accurate prices for the actual costs of repair.  This includes any remedial work required for the issue of certificates of compliance for electrical, plumbing, pest control or gas.
  • Property due diligence:  We are able to obtain (in most municipalities) approved municipal plans for comparison with the actual structures on the property.  We can also check and report on the zoning, departures, servitudes and any other restrictions applying to a property.   Estate agents and property dealers are liable for damages and fines under the Consumer Protection Act if they sell properties with illegal structures.
  • Plan approval for illegal structures:  HouseCheck has an alliance with architects and is able to provide a quick, low cost solution to the problems of illegal structures.  Buildings without approved plans are a massive potential problem for estate agents and it is in their own interest to sort out these problems prior to sale.  In some areas of Gauteng the problem is particularly severe with a high proportion of illegal structures.  Johannesburg  municipality now has a demolition department dedicated exclusively to obtaining demolition orders for illegal structures.
  • Title deed and Surveyor’s diagram searches: Through our network of attorneys we are also able to provide a report on a title deed search at the Deeds Office or the erf diagram at the Surveyor General’s office.
  • Specialist inspections: We facilitate certificates of compliance for electrical, plumbing, pest and gas installations. We also facilitate engineer’s reports for roofs and other structures.

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