Home inspectors are the GP of the home building industry

Home inspectors are the GP of the home building industry

A home inspection can be likened to a patient receiving a medical examination from a GP, says John Graham CEO of HouseCheck.  “If the doctor hears an irregular heartbeat, the patient will need to get an expert opinion from a specialist. It’s the same for houses. You may need to get a specialist such as a structural engineer, a waterproofing expert, an electrician or a plumber to provide a definitive answer to a  specific problem identified by the home inspection.

“A good home inspector is an all-rounder, who understands all aspects of house construction and who will document all observed defects and also raise a red flag regarding specific and serious defects which require specialist attention.”

Graham adds that a good home inspection service will also provide an estimate of the costs of repairs of the defects documented.  “HouseCheck splits these estimates in two: maintenance costs and urgent repairs of a structural, safety and function nature, which are required.”

Once the home inspector has submitted his report then the seller or buyer can have specialists do inspections of any suspect systems in which they are experts -, such as foundations, roofs, electrical installation, plumbing, air conditioning, swimming pools, sprinkler systems and appliances.

John Graham is CEO of HouseCheck and can be contacted on 083 3109 766 or email: [email protected].  See www.housecheck.co.za for more information on home inspections.

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