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Buying a new house is one of the most exciting things you can do. Owning property is an awesome feeling – especially if you are a first time home buyer.. We know how the butterflies are fluttering in your stomach, how excited you are at the prospect of owning your new home.  A place to call your own, a place of security and a place where you can put your roots down.

Home ownership is such an exciting thing…

Your estate agent is helping you to fulfill this dream and has gone to a lot of trouble to make this big step a reality for you.

But beware, buying a house can turn into a nightmare in a flash. And you may not have seen it coming.

If you are buying from a private individual, the moment you sign the voetstoots clause in the “offer to purchase” form given to you by the estate agent, you lose your rights as a buyer.

HouseCheck gets daily calls from people who have been disappointed after moving into their new homes only to discover all is not what they thought. We hear stories of roof leaks, hidden damp, faulty geysers, collapsing roofs, rotting floors and much more. None of these faults were obvious to either the buyer or the agent but an experienced home inspector can pick up most of these problems when conducting a thorough and independent home inspection.

So how do I protect my rights?

By commissioning a HouseCheck. Our experienced and qualified inspector will climb into the roof cavity, check out the roof structure, look for signs of damp, observe structural faults and give an estimate to make it right. Armed with this information you can cover any hidden costs by either insisting they are fixed by the seller, or by reducing your offer to cover these repair costs. In rare cases you may even walk away from a terrible deal.

But won’t this delay the purchase of the house?

No, we suggest you ask your estate agent to add the following clause into the offer to purchase.

“This offer is subject to the purchaser obtaining an report on the property from HouseCheck within—–days of the final signature on this offer and is also subject to the purchaser being satisfied with the condition of the property as detailed in the HouseCheck report – specifically with regard to patent or latent defects documented in the HouseCheck report”.

This will secure your right to buy the house that you love, but only after checking out the true condition of the property.

HouseCheck has many testimonials from wise buyers. Don’t sign your rights away today…

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