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House Check FAQ’s

If an inspector by human error misses something on an inspection and the client wants to sue. Will the sole inspector be liable or does the company get held responsible?

We send the client our terms of business 4-5 times during the transaction process. Below is the email we send on receiving an enquiry from a client. Similar emails, which also include our terms and conditions, are sent to the client with the quotation, and with the invoice and with the report. The terms and conditions also form part of each report.

Basically, these T&C’s state that we only report on what we observed on the day of the inspection and that our reports are not to be construed as a guarantee. Our reports are also very carefully phrased in order to protect us from potential liability. We also have the safety net that all reports are vetted by an experienced person at Head Office before going to the client.

We have never been sued by a client and our advice is that in the light of our T&C’s it would be extremely difficult for a client to successfully sue HouseCheck or its inspectors for errors or omissions, so long as we were not guilty of gross misrepresentation to the client. i.e. We could, of course be sued by a client if, for instance, we reported on a house or an aspect of a house, which we had not actually inspected. In other words one cannot report: “No defects were observed in the roof structure” if the roof and roof cavity had not actually been inspected.

Having said all of the above, because we are now expanding nationwide, we are in the process of negotiating a blanket liability cover for all HouseCheck inspectors. We are not yet certain of the cost of this cover, nor have we decided how it will be paid for.

Letter sent to client on request of a House Check


Thank you for your enquiry. Please let me know by email ([email protected]) or by telephone (083 3109 766) which HouseCheck service interests you. Once we properly understand your individual requirements we will confirm a quote for the service you require.

HouseCheck Fees:

Our average fee for inspecting and reporting on a normal 3-bedroom house is R3000 – the exact fee is by quotation on a specific property and depends on the number of rooms, age of the property and its location. Lower fees apply for a report on a specific component of a house (example the roof) or for a verbal consultation with no written report. Our minimum fee for a written report is R1800.
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The HouseCheck Inspection Report:

HouseCheck inspections are thorough – we report on all observable defects from the roof to the foundations and also on items such as boundary walls, paving and swimming pools. The HouseCheck report includes an assessment of structural problems, damp and roof leaks. Our report includes photographs where useful, together with an assessment of the defect and advice on the remedy. We also estimate the cost of repair.

HouseCheck Terms of Business are:

Agreement with the client on price to be charged – via an exchange of emails; inspection done in good faith (takes 1-3 hours) and invoice emailed to the client on the day of the inspection. Invoice payable by electronic transfer prior to the delivery of the report, which is available electronically on our website or for emailing to the client within 48 hours of the inspection. Physical delivery of a printed copy of the HouseCheck report is by special arrangement only.

Scope & Conditions of the HouseCheck Service:

We attach at the end of this email a document detailing the scope and conditions of our service. Please take the time to read this information because, by accepting our quotation you agree that you have also read and accepted our terms and conditions as stated in the attached document.

Proposed Offer Clause:

If you have not yet made an offer on the property we suggest that you include the following conditional clause to your offer: “This offer is subject to the purchaser obtaining an report on the property from HouseCheck within—–days of the final signature on this offer and is also subject to the purchaser being satisfied with the condition of the property as detailed in the HouseCheck report – specifically with regard to patent or latent defects documented in the HouseCheck report”.

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