Energy Audit

Energy Audit

Are you gobsmacked at your energy bill each month?

Besides your bond and rates account, we bet your energy bill is just crazy.

What you may not know is that your energy bill can be drastically reduced. The first step is to fully understand your electrical usage. By carrying out an energy audit, problematic appliances, machinery, lighting and electrical systems that use too much energy can be identified and corrected.

You may be on the wrong tariff (Eskom has 13 different tarrifs) or you may be punished because you are  drawing too much power at peak times. Sometimes we detect underlying problems in the house wiring that is costing you money.

Saving electricity may not only involve the installation of renewable resources such as solar geysers but may also be achieved by just changing habits.

That’s the beauty of an energy audit. We connect a highly sensitive data logger to your distribution board for a two week period and then analyse the data. We will provide you with a full report and a plan to cost effectively cut your energy bills .

You’ll be shocked when you discover how much you can save by making a few small changes.

For a free quote and a sample energy report fill in our form below. This is the single most important thing you can do to save costs long term in your home.

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